The meteoric rise and proliferation of decentralised finance has brought many projects to the attention of users around the globe in the past 18 months. Some great projects have since continued BUIDLing with sustainable teams, development and tokenomics, while sadly some have been abandoned, with developers dropping their projects and moving on, leaving their protocol users with almost zero support thereafter.

While we’ve previously described the basics of cloning a decentralized front end, in some cases direct interaction with the smart contract may be a better option or the only option.

As such, today we will be covering direct smart…

A dive into leverage yield strategies

Venus protocol, is a Compound + MakerDAO clone on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The protocol has gained around 300million worth of Total value Locked (TvL) in less than 2 months since launch. Making Venus the biggest decentralized finance project within the BSC network.

The Acryptos project is the first to get onboard with building vaults around Venus Protocol. Executing a simple strategy of leveraged yield farming, by borrowing and supplying the same asset to achieve a 3.67x leverage.

A detailed description on the strategy can be found here : Advanced Yield Farming Strategies on Venus Protocol.

As with our…

It’s been a few weeks since we started publishing and keeping logs on timelock. Many are still confused about how our parser and the underlying smart contract decodes such transactions.

In response to various requests, here’s a detailed ‘howto’ that should decode most of the timelock transactions within the various EVM compatible chains (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain for example)

We take this sample transaction as an example :

Types of Timelock transaction

These are the 2 common transactions :

  • queueTransaction()
  • executeTransaction()

As executeTransaction() actions previously queued requests, we are only interested in the queueTransaction().

Many users depend on the websites that provide a simple way to interact with the smart contracts of defi projects.

In the event that the main project site is offline, having a duplicate copy of the frontend may assist user with various smart contract interactions.

The main frontend of a protocol can be down due to various reasons :

  1. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS attack)
  2. Domain name DDOS / Malicious takeover
  3. Abandoned project

A clone front end will save you the headache from interacting with the smart contract directly, especially for various complex smart contract calls.

Having a duplicate copy…

Here’s how you can track changes made on the ACS projects.

Monitor the Time Lock contract (6hrs) : 0xfd6e996C8960D521E3D2624cc4c6648cFA1217b7

This log will only be maintained from time to time.

You may learn a trick or two by reading the changes listed here, decoding future transactions when requires.

Update 29th Dec 2020

A live timelock monitor is now available here :

Change Log (last updated 17th Dec 2020)

summary: approve ETH for Venus Strategy

summary : approve BTCB for Venus Strategy

summary : approve USDC for Venus Strategy

summary: approve USDT for Venus Strategy

summary: approve BUSD for Venus Strategy

summary: approve SXP for Venus Strategy

Advanced Crypto Strategies ($ACS) is an auto yield farming protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, focusing on optimizing yield returns from pancakeswap ($CAKE) offerings at the moment.

This complementary protocol extends pancakeswap offerings, and possibly preserving the “total value locked” (TvL) for pancakeswap by encouraging yield farmers to commit their pancakeswap LP and $CAKE tokens for a longer term strategic play.

We will attempt a Smart Contract read here, explaining the code in a simple way, in the hope that the non-tech audience may understand the contracts they are interacting with a little better.

short disclaimer: the goal of this…

In the web 3.0 world, one couldn’t stop to stare in awe at the vast resources, ideas and innovations a user could possibly interact with. These blockchain fueled decentralized applications (dAPPs) opens opportunities for many to interact in their own terms, in a permission-less privacy-centric ecosystem.

ver 0.1

Smart Contracts, commonly used within the Ethereum blockchain, found its way into the banking and finance sector via decentralized FInance (deFI). The trend for cryptocurrency’s ‘Summer of 2020’ excited many veterans of the crypto-space, and newcomer alike, on what deFI could do for the future and more importantly for themselves.

Naive and hopeful, the…

getUnrekt — Ethereum and BSC Smart Contract approval toolbox

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